Sunday, June 5, 2011

Random Round Robin.

Thank you everyone that came today. I had such a fun day seeing everyone come down, thank you for coming to my first mini tournament. It was a great day and I'm glad the weather held up for us, lets hope we can put a couple more of these day on in the near future. Congratulation to BO Dave, Jamie and Ali who all plaid some amazing polo and pull together to make the best team. So the final standings were;

1. Ali, BO Dave and Jamie.
2. Lindsay, Kristine and Jordan.
3. Olli, Bennet and Andy/ Simon, Johnson and Red.
4. Dom, Andy and Mace.
5. Nate, Rob and Arron.

Thank you again to everyone who can down and the new guys that turned up and had a couple of games hopefully we see you everyone back again soon.

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Glenn Nirwan said...

hey guys, i would like to take picture of this polo bike activity and show it to my mates back in Indo cause we are thinking to make a polo club ourself, that if you guys dont mind. well i live pretty much across the street from where you guys playing.